4 Late-Night FOODS To AVOID to Get a Good Night’s Sleep and WAKE UP ENERGIZED!

It’s true that a little “midnight snack” doesn’t hurt, but there are some foods that you should never eat late at night.

You may already know that a protein drink is good “snack” before retiring at night. And a glass of wine or other alcoholic “nightcap” is not really a good idea because it will inhibit restorative functions and keep you from getting quality sleep.

If you are planning on a late night meal or snack, here are 4 foods to avoid:

1. Red Meat

A big, juicy steak may be delicious, but it’s hardly the best thing to eat right before bed. Red meat will kick your body’s natural processes into overtime and will make it incredibly difficult to get the type of deep sleep that you really need after a hard day at work.

2. Vegetables

Vegetables are inherently nutritious, so you may think that they’re the perfect thing to eat right before bed if you want to stay healthy. In reality, you’d be very wrong. Vegetables tend to have a large amount of fiber, which moves incredibly slowly through your digestive system. This is another late night snack that will only keep you awake longer than you need to be.

3. Processed Foods and Chips

One of the great things about snacks like chips is how convenient they are ­ you can just grab a bag, munch away and be done before you know it. The issue is that processed foods have high doses of monosodium glutamate, which will almost certainly lead to sleep-­related issues that you likely want to avoid.

4. Pasta

Pasta is one of the best foods to eat if you’re hungry because a little bit goes a long way. The issue with eating pasta late at night, however, is that it’s such a fatty food that it will almost certainly lead to weight gain while you sleep. The carbohydrates in pasta turn to fat pretty quickly, so if you’re trying to eat healthy at night you’ll definitely want to look elsewhere.

Source: Healthy Panda

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