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When one of my best friends from college invited me to join a local health club, my first thought was that I’m just too busy and don’t have the time. But then I quickly discovered that getting into a ‘fitness” routine actually creates more productive time in the day by giving me that extra boost of energy and motivation. There’s also more of an incentive now to watch calories and eat healthier foods. On top of that, I’m continually making lots of new, like-minded friends.

Now, with two young daughters, I realize that I have become somewhat of a role-model in their lives. The recommended recipes, activities, exercises, questions and answers on this blog are based on my own personal experiences, and those of my friends, supplemented with the expert knowledge and advice that we continue to find from numerous professionals in this field. The number of helpful tips and techniques to stay fit and healthy is expanding every day, so this blog is dedicated to everyone who is eager to learn more about staying healthy, happy and productive in their daily lives.

Please leave your comments and share this blog with friends. Any suggestions you may have for expanding and improving this blog are, of course, welcome and greatly appreciated!

… Chris

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