Some of the nutrition gurus have been saying that we should reduce our intake of grains, especially foods that contain milled and processed grains such as white flour. They suggest that we should eat more food with Whole Grains such as whole wheat bread, and use more whole wheat when baking bread and cookies. Whole wheat also provides more healthy fiber.

Unfortunately, however, new research shows that WHOLE grains contain a nutrient-blocker so you getting little or no benefit from substituting expensive whole grain ingredients for the processed grain alternatives in your recipes.

But then, when you look at the processed grain alternatives:

… there are just as many who say that white flour must be eradicated from a healthy diet, that it’s broken down so quickly into sugars in the body that you may as well be drinking Country Time lemonade when you’re eating a piece of white bread.

In spite of the anti-nutrients in whole grains, it still seems a step up from the quick-sugar-high starch of refined grains, because at least you do have that fiber to slow down the body’s metabolism process.

Initial Conclusion: Eat Fewer Grains!

Based on this first conclusion (keep reading for subsequent conclusions …), here are some healthier substitution ideas for grain-rich food:

Instead of… Try…
Oatmeal, pancakes, or toast Eggs, breakfast meats
Cereal Yogurt with fruit
Crackers and cheese Just cheese!
Granola Bars Almond Power Bars
Munchy things like pretzels Nuts, seeds, dried fruit
Side breads like biscuits, toast, cornbread Filling your plate with the main course of meat and vegetables; pumping up your salad with nuts and seeds
Pasta, rice Extra steamed vegetables; potatoes (although some say potatoes are no better than grains)
Sandwich Meat on a salad
Tortilla wraps Extra beans
Brownies, cookies Ice cream

Source: Katie Kimball

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