6 Best “KITCHEN HACKS” for Healthy Eating

Here are 6 quick and easy ways to make cooking easier and to ensure healthy meals.
Save time, save money and stay healthy with these Kitchen Hacks! All of these are tried and tested recommendations to help you eat healthier and stay on a healthy diet …

Tip 1: Keep Diet-Friendly Berries Fresh & Dry


Avoid high sugar snacks and eat diet-friendly berries instead.  According to some diet experts, raspberries are one of the best diet-boosting foods. But raspberries also tend to get moldy quickly.  So how do you keep berries fresh?

When you buy fresh berries, don’t rinse them right away.  Put them immediately into the refrigerator to keep them dry. Mold is less likely to form in a dry environment.  When you’re ready to add berries to your healthy breakfast or healthy snack, rinse them quickly and pat them dry with a paper towel.

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