How To Make Perfect “Protein” Pancakes (Video)

Rob shows how to make Protein-Rich Pancakes to get you started in the morning. Get all the ingredients together, then watch how he makes a stack of these nutritional favorites in the video on the next page.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need for this recipe:

– 50g Oats
– 100g Banana
– 2 Whole Eggs
– 1 Egg White
– 20g Peanut Butter
– 50g Low Fat Yogurt
– 1 Scoop of Protein
– Add milk if the mix is too thick

Each batch contains the following nutrients:

Carbs: 67g
Fat: 31g
Protein: 61g

Tip to lower the fat content: Use just the egg whites instead of whole eggs and leave out the peanut butter.

Watch how Rob makes these perfect pancakes in the video on the next page …

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