4 of Michele’s Favorite (and Popular) MAKE-AHEAD BREAKFAST RECIPES

Healthy breakfasts are important … but you already know this!

An obvious and easy way to ensure that you always enjoy a healthy breakfast (even though you may be pressed for time in the morning) is to prepare your breakfast dishes in advance. This plan-ahead strategy helps ensure that you don’t start your day by skipping breakfast or opting for a calorie-laden pastry — and then suffering the consequences.
Here are 4 make-ahead healthy breakfast favorites that you should try and share with your friends!

Frittatas are always a big hit in the morning:

Making a frittata couldn’t be simpler, especially since you can use whatever veggies or meat you have in your kitchen to do so.

Here’s the link to a basic frittata recipe that will give you enough servings through the week, or cut back on calories with this recipe for an egg-white frittata.

To make the dish even more commuter-friendly, bake eggs using a muffin pan like in this recipe for gluten-free turkey, broccoli, and egg muffins.Frittatas

Tip: Make a frittata on Sunday evening and portion it out in small plastic containers for the rest of the week. You can easily reheat a frittata in the microwave, but this dish is pretty tasty cold.

Image: Lizzie Fuhr

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