More Ways to Enjoy More Fruit More Often!

It’s good to know that adults need to consume at least one cup of fruit (or equivalent) every day to stay healthy. Fresh fruit tastes best. Often the best strategy is to quit snacking on candy, cookies, ice cream and other sweets by replacing your between-meal cravings with healthy, fresh fruit. Or otherwise: cooked, canned or dried fruit.
Here are some cool ideas to encourage you (and your family) to eat more fruit.


Out of sight is out of mind so don’t hide all your fruit in the fridge — keep a few day’s worth of fresh fruit on your kitchen counter. That way you’ll be tempted to pick up an apple, orange, or pear instead of a candy bar. Nectarines and bananas also keep well at room temperature for a few days, as long as the peels are still intact. Just remember to keep the apples away from the bananas, unless you want them to ripen quickly.
Enjoy fresh fruit in smoothies. A basic smoothie includes a banana cut into chunks, a cup of berries, a dollop of plain yogurt and a cup of milk or juice. Put everything in a blender for a minute or so and serve. If you have a heavy duty blender, you can also add some ice cubes for a milk-shake like texture. Once you have this simple recipe down, you can explore more smoothie recipes:

Another suggestion:


Make a simple low-calorie fruit salad by combining fresh melon cubes, pineapple chunks, grapes and strawberries. You can look for more festive fruit salad recipes; just stay away from ingredients that add too many calories or rely on fruits canned in heavy syrup.

For more great recipe ideas read the full article by Shereen Lehman, MS

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