Healthy Make-Ahead BREAKFAST BURRITOS with Zucchini & Lentils

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These awesomely delicious, freezer-friendly Breakfast Burritos provide an early morning boost of energy and nutrition … thanks to lentils, zucchini and more! Make a big batch ahead of time, then thaw them as needed for a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast.

Let me count the reasons I love these healthy breakfast burritos:

1. Make ahead.

2. Freezer-friendly.

3. Little to no effort in the morning.

4. They are FILLING! I could only eat half of one, and it kept me going right on through till lunch! Love that!

5. They taste great! Cheese, eggs, lentils, some veggies. All wrapped up in a tortilla. So good.

6. They get nice and crispy. OK, so I used my George Foreman grill, which is absolutely perfect for heating these up in the morning. You’re going to want to flatten them slightly so that they warm right through. You can also use a fry-pan but it takes longer. Or, you could just heat them in the microwave on a paper towel. Any which way, they are not soggy.

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