5 Considerations About DRINKING COFFEE for a BOOST Before a WorkOut

Coffee is one of the best all natural, most effective pre-workout drinks … but there are some risks and dangers that you should be aware of.  Recent studies have shown that drinking black coffee can enhance your workout and more. Firing up that coffee pot and enjoying a warm cup of Joe, minus the cream and sugar may be all you need to boost that workout along with numerous health benefits to maintain a fit body.

There are at least five good reasons to drink a cup of coffee:

1. Coffee Boosts Metabolism

 Coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant shown to enhance the metabolic rate.  In a study utilizing four different trials, the group consuming coffee showed a metabolic rate that increased “significantly during the 3 hours after caffeine ingestion.”  The increased metabolic rate was also “accompanied by significant increases in fat oxidation.” This means better overall fat burn during a workout and consuming one to no more than two cups of coffee one hour prior to training seems to have the best effect.

The body treats coffee and caffeine just like any other drug and habitual large dose use would be counterproductive.  In this case, more is not better and it takes a small amount to achieve great results.

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