What to Do About POPPING & CRACKING BONES & JOINTS in the Morning?

What can you do to cure the popping and clicking sounds you sometimes hear when stretching or doing deep knee bends? This often occurs in knuckles, elbows, spinal joints, knees, ankles and other joints.

It’s useful to know that the cause of a popping sound is often the change in pressure of the synovial fluid in a joint. This makes a natural pocket of gas within a joint that forms a bubble that quickly collapses under pressure, thus producing a popping sound.

As for the other sounds, repetitive “clicks” could be connective tissue out of its proper alignment or cartilaginous tissue damage such as torn meniscal flaps or other chondral tissue damage. It could also be a large nerve out of alignment as well. A common example is the ulnar nerve (inside of the elbow), which slips in/out of the groove when you bend and straighten the elbow.

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