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The Truth About Coffee

It’s true that drinking coffee after 2pm will often adversely affect the quality of your sleep hours later at night. Too much of anything, including coffee, is obviously unhealthy and potentially harmful. And putting processed sugar in your coffee is not good. But … it’s also good to know that it would be difficult to find a healthier beverage than coffee! … Continue readingThe Truth About Coffee

[Video] Cambria’s CREATIVE (and Easy-to-Make) BREAKFAST SUGGESTIONS!

An entertaining video with some popular breakfast ideas for a quick start in the morning! Cambria Joy gives you a wide range of creative recipes to choose from … including eggs with an avocado, almond milk with chia (to prepare the night before), protein pancakes with cinnamon and chocolate, a special coffee concoction, yogurt with peanut butter, coconut, and more!! … Continue reading[Video] Cambria’s CREATIVE (and Easy-to-Make) BREAKFAST SUGGESTIONS!

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