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This delicious Breakfast Casserole is essentially an egg casserole made with coarse cornmeal and cut into “Polenta Squares”. These make a hearty breakfast or brunch, can be eaten right away and also saved in the fridge for later in the week.

I whisked together water and milk with a few eggs and some coarse cornmeal. Then I cooked a little bacon until crispy, folded in spinach just until it wilted, and added this to the bowl. A handful of Parmesan made the finishing touch. I poured the batter into a baking pan, slid the dish into the oven, and crossed my fingers.

I stirred while baking, just to make sure the cornmeal didn’t settle at the bottom. The casserole grew progressively thicker until, suddenly, it was done. I sliced it into fat squares and dug in.

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