Awesome COFFEE JELLY for Coffee Lovers

Something new for coffee lovers: get an extra boost of early morning energy by spreading delicious Coffee Jelly on your breakfast toast!
Note that this new recipe using “SureJell Pectin” may not always produce a perfect jelly consistency, but in the worst case you’ll at least end up with a yummy Coffee Syrup. It’s all good!

If you carefully follow the instruction in this recipe, the results will be perfect … with the ideal jelly texture and viscosity.

So what can you do with a batch of Coffee Jelly? This is obviously a great treat for all of the coffee lovers in your life! You can spread it on toast … and how about spooning it onto French Toast then top with whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder? Here’s a recommended recipe: Easy Make-Ahead French Toast for Breakfast.

This jelly is a great canning project to play around with … add vanilla or cinnamon or other coffee favorites to enhance the flavor!

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