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Streaming Exercise Videos to Your TV (Video)

Streaming Exercise Videos to Your TV (Video)

Several fans have asked me how to play the morning exercise videos on a big screen tv so they can follow the instruction without trying to squint at the video on their smartphone, tablet or laptop! This makes good sense, especially if you’re exercising in your living room or other room where a tv is available.

The good news: Yes, you can do this! The bad news is that it’s hard to guess exactly HOW to connect your internet browser device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, pc …) unless we know exactly what it is and what kind of tv you have.

The most convenient and effective way is to have a wireless connection between your browser device and the tv, but this obviously only works if your tv supports this directly or via an attached set-top box. If a wireless connection isn’t available, then you’ll need a cable.

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