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Easy “Desk Stretches” to Stay Fit

Easy “Desk Stretches” to Stay Fit

Sitting most of the day is not particularly healthy, so getting into the habit of stretching your limbs and muscles … any time and any place … is obviously a good idea. Simple stretching exercises help to reduce stress and tension, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Here are several easy Stretching Exercises that you should be doing whenever you’re not engaged in some form of physical activity.

Safety First

When stretching, muscles should feel tight, but never pained. Some evidence suggests holding static stretches for 15 seconds is the best way to improve range of motion, but in order to avoid injury, try not to “bounce” in a stretch.

Shoulder Stretching

Tense those shoulders while hacking away at that keyboard? The result could mean tight shoulders and an increased risk of a rotator cuff injury …

To loosen up the muscles, roll the shoulders gently forward, up, and back several times, and then reverse the movement, ending with the shoulders down and relaxed.

Now, put that back into it! Reach the right arm across the body, grasping the elbow with left hand. Pull the arm closer to the body and hold. Repeat on the opposite side.

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